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Tupperware Collection On Sale! Murah Lagi Berkualiti! Lifetime Warranty!

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Tupperware Collection kami menawarkan harga yang amat berpatutan. Rugi kalau lepas peluang ni...Stock adalah limited. First come first served!

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What does it do for you?

Specially formulated with collagen, extract of multi-berries, and added vitamins and essential nutrients, NaturCare BerryGen works to help you stay healthy, looking young and beautiful always.

1. Promotes the renewal of cells and tissues.
2. Replenishes depleting nutrients so you can feel rejuvenated again.
3. Provides protection against premature aging, heart disease and other ailments.
4. Advanced Formulation
5. 17 types of Amino-Acids
6. 98% Absorption
7. Rate Safe and Natural

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700301 NaturCare BerryGen
15gm x 22 sachets (Extra 10%)

Normal Price: RM199.00
Best Buy: RM165.00
Quantity: 3

A Balanced Nutrient and Organic Whole Meal Diet

The higher-than-usual nutrient content in Organic Lacto-Fiber contains an abundant supply of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes and plant proteins from organic sources that help replenish lost nutrients in the body, rejuvenate the system and reduce hunger pangs.

After 10 minutes

* Lacto-Fiber turns into gel form
* Lacto-Fiber consumption effectively reduces hunger pangs

Restores Bodily Functions

Contains anti-oxidants that help combat free radicals

Before: Red & white blood cells overlap each other, thus decreasing blood cell activity and their
effectiveness in transporting oxygen to result in a sluggishness of the body.

After 30 minutes: Red & white blood cells are "more separated", allowing more activity and effectiveness in transporting oxygen to result in an improvement of metabolism and stamina.

Cleanses Toxins

Dietary fibre helps cleanse intestine walls, increase bowel movement and reduce the risk of toxin build-up. It also helps mop-up toxins circulating in the blood stream, binds fats and oils and flushes them out of the system.

Strengthens The Immune System

Organic Lacto-Fiber's unique formulation is enriched with probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes to build and strengthen the immune system and help maintain, restore and protect your body.

Benefits of Probiotics, Prebiotics And Enzymes

Beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus and Bifido bacterium) that produce a positive effect on the digestive system. They help maintain, replenish and balance nutrients in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract as well as improve digestion and eliminate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Nutrient sources that stimulate the growth or activity of beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics help break down food for easier absorption and cleanse the blood.

Essential for a healthy digestive system and body metabolism. They build up immunity and promote health

700200 NaturCare Organic Lacto-Fiber

Normal Price: RM118.00
Best Buy: RM110.00
Quantity: 3

65830 Cherry Trio (3)
Normal Price: RM63.00
Best Buy: RM47.00
Quantity: 2 1 set(s)

Set Combo 1
Best Buy: RM35.00
Quantity: 1 set(s)

65829 - Zen Small Round (2) 80ml
2.9cm (H) x 8.5cm (D)

64570 - Medium Square (1)

65936 - Decor Canister (1) 1.5L
8.5cm (H) x 25cm (D)

63633 ECO Bottle Brush
Best Buy: RM18.90
Quantity: 1

50222 Expression Bowl (2) 2.5L - Apricot
17.8cm (D) x 11.3cm (H)

Normal Price: RM70.00
Best Buy: RM45.00
Quantity: 1 set(s) Sold Out

50212 Expression Bowl (3) 1.3L
17.8cm (D) x 11.3cm (H)

Best Buy: RM45.00
Quantity: 2 1 set(s)

90464 Expression Bowl Keychain (1)
Best Buy: RM5.00
Quantity: 4 1

50223 Expression Colander Set

Expression Colander (1)
25.6cm (D) x 13.3cm (H)

Expression Bowl (1) 4.3L
25.6cm (D) x 15.0cm (H)

Best Buy: RM40.00
Quantity: 1 set(s)

91922 Flexi Cutting Mats (2)
Normal Price: RM39.80
Best Buy: RM25.00
Quantity: 1 set(s)

66788 Mini Square A-Way (4) 140ml
Normal Price: RM35.20
Best Buy: RM28.00
Quantity: 1 set(s)

50013 Multi Dispenser (1)
12.5cm (D) x 17.9cm (H)

Normal Price: RM38.20
Best Buy: RM30.00
Quantity: 3 1 set(s)

66733 Snack N All (4) 650ml
9.1cm (H) x 11.6cm (D)

Normal Price: RM57.60
Best Buy: RM40.00
Quantity: 1 set(s)

0737 Cherry and Lemon Tumblers (2) 330ml
Normal Price: RM31.45
Best Buy: RM25.00
Quantity: 2 set(s)

0738 Peach and Grapes Tumblers (2) 330ml
Normal Price: RM31.45
Best Buy: RM25.00
Quantity: 1 set(s) Sold Out

66887 Round Keeper (2) 380ml
11.6cm (D) x 6.6cm (H)
Normal Price: RM26.80
Best Buy: RM18.00
Quantity: 1 set(s)

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